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An evolution of visual design experiences

I've been fortunate to have the experience of designing software before user-experience became synonymous with software-oriented customer experiences.  Yet, I truly appreciate user-experience in the current design trends, because of many past debates while I was designing software professionally, I always elected to design for the intended audience. And making this argument was central to most any debate I had with software teams adding features (to keep programmers busy) versus adding value (to keep users happy).  I won't tell about the many debates I lost to that during the heydays of the dotcoms - especially to the immoral funding-related reasoning of why more and more items were put on each web page, which would slow the page and confuse users (to add hit counts - the infamous evil metric of the world-wide-web).  User-experience changed all that, but I admit its still not perfect, but its getting better at organizations that have adopted user-experience to reduce the chance of change-requests in the middle of large projects, adding agile design iterations for quick product ideation to production phases, or for small companies and startups about to launch new products a few steps ahead of the competition.

Designs of some recent user-experience projects

Working through the different phases of user-experience designs

IDEA Software is the name of my software design (UX/UI) consulting company. The experience of living through many various design transitions from Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Web 2.0, Section 508/ADA Compliant UI's, Desktop GUI's for Mac, Windows and even Unix systems, Fluid/Liquid UI's, Multi-Screen User-Interfaces, Kiosks,  Responsive Web with Bootstrap & Angular.js, Rapid Design, Apple HIG Designs for iOS phones and tablets, Android Material Designs and Flat Design phases have all been interesting design phases to participate in -- and to continue creating new fresh ideas with any future design trend for any project. 

I also provide various documents and diagrams (style-guides, flow-charts, process flows, user-flows, screen flows, user-stories, storyboards, personas, risk assessments, gap analysis, web analytics reporting, technical schematic diagrams, network topology and infrastructure diagrams, and system interaction flow diagrams).  Generally, for most all clients I typically produce wire-frames, low and high-fidelity mock-ups and highly interactive prototypes for mobile and desktops for all industries.