My Case Studies

Important Note: All images and projects located within each case study are details of projects I've personally completed. In most all cases I was the sole individual completing 100% of the design and architecture for the projects being shown from ideation to pre-production deliverables; unless otherwise noted in an individual case study.  I won't take credit for someone else's work as a consultant, because I will always be expected to create the same design.  I do visual/graphics design for most all you will see, along with the UX / Information Architecture on most of the product designer roles with initial primary guidance from client stakeholders, design team and product owners.

Also included are images of high-fidelity and low-fidelity wire-frames, mock ups, diagrams, personas, analysis, and prototypes of mobile (native OS and responsive web), software apps, websites, web-applications, portals, to video-wall screens and kiosks.

  • Cisco Systems

    Project: Prototypes, interactive designs and product design along with highly technical diagrams for UI models and architecture for Cisco's upcoming network management platform.  The goal of the project was to turn something highly complex and technical into a user-friendly, easy-to-use system that non-technical types could more easily use.  On this project I was assisted with other team members and a graphics designer for the main designs.

  • Raytheon

    Project: Concepts and prototypes for SaaS ("Software as a Service") web-portal for Security Operations Center analysts, Raytheon partners and Government agencies. Designed concepts for customizable collaboration and cognitive-assistance / machine-learning for cyber-security threats 

  • RMS - Risk Management Systems

    Project: UI Consultant for RMS to concept new designs and mockups for a web-based SaaS model upgrade of an existing Windows 32-bit GUI Desktop app. The app was a (GIS) Geo-spatial Information System for insurance companies to model risk exposure to catastrophic incidents.

    Microsoft Vendor Sales Portal

    Project: Concepts and prototypes for a Microsoft Vendor Sales Portal (Volume Licensing) to allow vendors to have access to their account, contract information, applications and volume licensing information.

  • Sonatype

    Project: Original concepts for a SaaS web-app platform. Create low, medium and high-fidelity wireframes, mockups and prototypes for web-app platform, reporting dashboard for Java developers to analyze software builds (Bill of Materials) for licensing, security and stability issues.

    US Navy & Dept. of Labor (

    Project: Create new website design to assist military personnel transfer advanced military skills and training into civilian credentials. Improved user-experience by conceptualizing how to convert a large amount of text into a guided process experience.

  • Raytheon (2011)

    Project: Provide UI guidance, consultation and multiple concepts for a multi-screen canvas to monitor real-time, large-scale distributed virtual server  environment for satellite / signal intel image processing with library of design patterns and widgets to be placed on any of the screens.

  • HP Data Centers

    Project: Hewlett-Packard Network Operations Center web-application for GIS-mapping for both large screen display and desktop for real-time trouble-reporting and ticketing with Asset Management and GIS maps to location for field technicians to find the hardware in any HP/EDS  data center campus.

  • SugarHouse Casino

    Project: SugarHouse Casino wanted a unique kiosk presentation for its grand opening.  The kiosk would be a special wayfinder user-interface that modeled the actual interior of the casino and the slot machines.  Users would be able to find amenities, facilities, and specific gaming tables.


     UX / UI / Product Design
     Interaction Design
     Information Architect 
     Developer  (HTML5/CSS3)


    Sketch / Invision
    Axure / Axshare
    Figma / Principle / iRise
    HTML / CSS / Bootstrap 4 / React.js

    About me

        Technical UX / Product Designer.

        10+ years' experience.

        User-Advocate / Design mentor.

        Rapid prototyping experience.

        Complex diagram creation.

        Team player.